Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hail to the King, baby

I saw this morning at Dial B for Blog that Jack "The King" Kirby, legendary comic creator, was born on this day in 1917. His contributions to the world of comic books are immense.

One of the things that always blew me away about him was the machinery you'd see on the pages. Impossible-looking things that looked alien and futuristic.

He also designed Herbie the Robot for the 1978 Fantastic Four cartoon, which is one of the few nice things I can say about Herbie.

Out of all the things he did, the first comic I bought with my own money that had Jack Kirby artwork was Super Powers #4 (of a 5-part mini-series that tied in with the then-current line of Kenner action figures). And even then it was just the cover.

Wotta revolting development.

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