Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy Earth Day to those of you who live on Earth

In honor of Earth Day, I'm recycling a handful of old posts that

1) you may have missed if you are a new reader, or
2) you haven't been able to read because your cherished printed copy is worn out from re-reading.

The first real entry.

This one and this one. I mentioned offhand that on "The Superfriends," the Wonder Twins didn't touch rings together, despite what everyone else in the free world seemed to remember. Then I got some responses and had to piece together the puzzle.

Lest you doubt me, here is a crappy picture of them initiating the change merely by touching their fingertips.

If I remember correctly, they are being held by a giant robot version of their space monkey Gleek.

The Doodlebops vs. The Wiggles

One of my favorite movies.

More fresh and steaming content on the way...

Friday, April 21, 2006

The Roaring Forties?

I got this week's issue of Star in the mail today.

Shut up, I had frequent flyer miles to cash in before they expired.

Anyway, I'm flipping through it, Tom Cruise, bla-bla, Nick and Jessica, yawn, etc.

In a feature on the return of the fashionable hair band (the accessory, not Whitesnake), I read the following caption:

Forties, Twenties, what's two decades?

This is only my second week of the Star. Last week's issue got a passing grade if just for the picture of Jenna Fischer from "The Office."

That sound you just heard was my wife's eyes rolling.

We'll see if the Star can redeem itself in the weeks to come. I'd like to think I made the right choice spending my points on this magazine instead of The Wall Street Journal or Men's Health.

Ooh, a crossword puzzle...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Screech of a dying network

On Monday (well, Tuesday morning, technically) at midnight, Cartoon Network is offering the following program to its vast legion of animation enthusiasts:

"Saved by the Bell."

Seriously, what the hell, Cartoon Network?

It's bad enough that sister channel Boomerang, "Your 24-Hour Network for Classic Cartoons," has shows such as "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo," "Baby Looney Tunes" and "Tom and Jerry Kids" on the schedule, but "Saved by the Bell" on Cartoon Network? Really?

For crap's sake, you could just blow the late-night slot with "Cartoon Network's Crappy Cartoon Cavalcade" and give those reruns of "The Gary Coleman Show" and "Chuck Norris Karate Commandos" a breather. God knows there are plenty of crappy cartoons in the collective vaults at Cartoon Network.

Turbo Teen, anyone?

How does this look for Cartoon Network? Well, to quote Bayside's own Jessie Spano, "I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so ... scared!"

(via Cartoon Brew, among others)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

More Easter fun

learned very early on that when it came to Easter egg hunts, I just plain sucked. I guess I didn't take it very well. On the back of this picture, my grandmother made the following notation:

Well, surely once I'd started kindergarten, my egg-seeking skills would have improved, right?


Happy Easter.

Thanks, Easter Bunny! Bawk-bawk!