Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Thrift score*

(* post title shamelessly lifted from this very cool book.)

Went thrifting the other day and snagged an addition to my vinyl collection: Full Tilt, a K-Tel collection. Only set me back a quarter.

Not as exciting as the time I found a dozen He-Man videos for 99 cents each, but still very cool.

That was at what in our household is referred to as The Thrift Store Where Jen Got Crapped On By a Bird. To this day, I don't remember its real name. Don't worry, it only hit her jacket.

Back in the days of entirely disposable income, I used to find quite the stack of stuff at thrift stores. But now that people can try to make a few bucks via eBay, I think they aren't donating as much stuff as they used to. I doubt that I'd find one of my most cherished thrift store finds these days.

I speak of the mighty 7-Eleven smock.

Behold its wonder.

Wore this bad boy to high school graduation practice.

One of my classmates: "Uh, Jeff, why are you wearing a 7-Eleven smock to practice?"

"Why not?"

She could have told the truth, like "Because you might someday want to go on a date," but thankfully, she just looked puzzled and didn't say anything else.

Every trip to a thrift store or antique store holds the potential of a find such as this. Thus, they are thrift adventures!

Who says I don't do anything exciting?

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