Thursday, December 08, 2005

I heard the news 25 years ago today

I imagine a bunch of people will be sharing their memories of where they were 25 years ago today when they found out John Lennon had been shot.

I was just barely 6 years old, and I was with my parents shopping in San Ramon. The store we were at was deadly boring to a kid, but luckily, they had a candy dish with that weird holiday mix of different shaped nubbins of candy-cane like candy.

I missed the whole point of why they were playing so many Beatles and John Lennon songs until my parents explained what had happened. I even watched the 6 o'clock news the next day, something I never did.

Being so young, I don't think I could really make the connection. I just knew that someone I'd been listening to my whole life was gone, and that made me sad enough.

Now I'm off to go play some of John's music for my son, Brody.

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