Sunday, February 12, 2006

If I could only have one food for the rest of my life? That's easy.

Holy cow!

While at Target today, we strolled down the candy aisle, and I happened to glance at a 10-roll refill pack of Pez. My eyes hit the bottom of the package, where there were two rolls of CHERRY?!?

Clearly I was hallucinating.

But no, there it was, as red as a monkey's behind and, as it turns out, significantly tastier. Cherry Pez. Formerly discontinued. In my hand.

I remembered a pact I had with a friend -- whoever found Cherry Pez first would send some to the other. Before posting this, I checked my e-mail, and as it turns out, we both found it on the same day.

A cool Pez coincidence, don't you think?

That's great, Sparkman, you're probably thinking, but how does it taste?

I don't have a memory of Cherry Pez to compare this to, but what I got today reminds me of two things: Robitussen and scratch-and-sniff stickers.

That sounds kinda bad, but they're good. Underneath the strong cherry flavor, there's that base Pez flavor that you really notice when you eat a whole roll at once.

So there's another thing to check off on my "Man, I wish they'd bring back this cool stuff" list. Still on the list are Nacho Cheese Cheetos and Hostess Pudding Pies. But hope springs eternal...

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  1. I am so feelin' the Cherry Pez love. You can read my story here

    Happy tears :') *sniff*