Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Birthday wishes

He'd have been one year old today.

That also means that in less than two months, it will be a year since my son Harry died. It seems like both an eternity and a few days ago. We're having a little mini-family vacation this week in Harry's honor. I wanted it to be more of a celebration than a mourning.

So if blogging seems a little light this week, it's not laziness, I promise.


  1. You are sorely missed, little Harry. If impact is how a life is measured, then you lived a very fulfilling one. You are never far from my mind or heart.

    All the SM's send their love & support to the Sparkmans. <3

  2. Jeff, Jen, Brody, and sweet little Harry, you are in my thoughts often, and especially this week. To this day, each time I see a butterfly, I'm reminded of you.

    I'm sorry you guys couldn't make it down here this week, and hope to hook up with you all in the Fall!

    Lots of love

  3. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Jeff, Jen and Brody

    You all were in my thoughts yesterday. Cheers to your time together this week and double cheers to Harry.

    Love, Donna B.

  4. Jeff, Jen, and Brody ~ You have all been in my thoughts so much this week. Many prayers and support from my family to yours.