Thursday, August 03, 2006

Warning: Do not stare directly at your screen...

Hold yourself back, ladies...
...not because there's a picture of my face, mind you.

I was rooting through my weird shirt collection the other day. I found the "I Want My MTV" shirt I knew I had, but it's way too small for me so I let my wife wear it to celebrate MTV's 25th anniversary the other day.

I also found the butt-ugliest shirt I own. I found it at a Salvation Army back in my college days, and despite the $2.35 or whatever the price tag read, I knew that I had to have it.

It's hideous. A garish pattern with colors not found in nature. It's a three-button pullover shirt made of, I'm guessing, recycled vinyl picnic bench tablecloths. It's the only thing to make me glad I'm mildly colorblind.

And it's all mine.

If you are planning on eating, you may want to look away. Here's a closeup:

My eyes!And the best part is that at one point, in some thankfully bygone era, this was actually intended to be worn.

In public.

By people.

On purpose.

The next time some codger (besides me, of course) waxes nostalgic about "the good old days," show them the shirt and pummle them.

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  1. My eyes! My eyes! Hahaha! Now THAT is a shirt! And you wore this in public? When you were wooing Jen? Wow. That, my friend, is love.