Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Save the clock tower Fruit Pie the Magician!

I like to support worthwhile endeavors when possible (read: when it requires little actual effort on my part).

So when I learned of the Save Fruit Pie the Magician campaign, I figured I'd try to spread the word. Please pardon the crudeness of my Sharpie likeness.

I always liked Fruit Pie the Magician. Better than Twinkie the Kid, at any rate. Don't get me wrong; The Kid is a nice enough fellow, but he just seems a little too eager, you know?

Fruit Pie just seemed a little more badass, even despite being saddled with the name Fruit Pie. He was also a magician, but I think he just conjured up fruit pies for little kids to eat. Now think about that. He is a living breathing fruit pie, and he gives little kids smaller replicas of himself (nonsentient, of course) to eat. And not once does he look a little uneasy about that.

A few years ago, when I used to get a Hostess fruit pie almost every day at work, I'd cut out the images of FPtM from the empty packages and tape them to my monitor. Within a few days, it looked like a miniature shrine.

These days, Hostess has changed the wrapper for their line of pies, and our boy Fruit Pie got the heave-ho. Instead, they use a bland design. Clearly, no one at Hostess asked me what I thought. If they had, not only would FPtM be on the wrappers, but they'd also be making the pudding pies again.

The new wrapper, which I presume was designed to make them stand out on the shelves, has (for me, anyway) the opposite effect. I keep thinking they're the store brand or other off-brand pies.

Compare this:

with this:

Way to go, Hostess.



  1. Well, sorry about your beloved fruit pies and their fine mascot. I've never actually had one. However, I have to appreciate the use of a good movie quote. :)

  2. John - Nashville, TN7:03 AM

    And here I thought I was the only person in the country perturbed by the change! I actually found your blog trying to find a pic of FPtM; never expected a full-fledged tribute. I have an admittedly odd tradition of eating a Hostess fruit pie at the conclusion of the Indy 500 each year, and without our wand-waving friend it just won't be the same. Whoever canned FP should himself be canned. Great post - made my morning!

  3. “…he gives little kids smaller replicas of himself to eat. And not once does he look a little uneasy about that.”

    Brilliant! I had nearly forgotten about those commercials. Thanks for the memories.

  4. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Yea - i dig FPTM too - I eat them every week and don't like the new wrapper either (I'm 36 and I eat them every week because I'm not 10 anymore so no one can tell me what to eat - I get a little joy from that every time) I was looking for a t shirt -