Wednesday, October 18, 2006

70s children, rejoice!

I heard about it a few days ago, but now there's more information out over on

Next month, Navarre Corporation's BCI is releasing a 4-disc box set of one of my favorite game shows, Match Game.

The set has 30 episodes, and according to the release, they are uncut, which I think is pretty cool. I doubt I've seen them without cuts since they originally aired -- and that means some of them I've never seen in their original form, as the show predates me by just a bit. There are also extra features, including an interview with Match Game regular Brett Somers.

I loved this show as a kid because -- among other reasons -- it just looked like they were having a bunch of fun. Watching the show now, I get even more jokes than I did when I was a worldly 7-year-old. Some of them, I'm surprised actually made it to air. It was like a grown-up version of Mad Libs, and the word "boobs" cropped up on the show almost as often it was by my friends and me.

You also never knew what was going to happen. If one of the props didn't work, all kinds of craziness would erupt. On one episode, host Gene Rayburn made a slip of the tongue when he tried to compliment a contestant on her pretty dimples.

It always struck me odd when either Brett Somers or Charles Nelson Reilly was missing from the panel. It just looked incomplete -- like Mount Rushmore without Washington.

The set is just under 35 clams, so those of you who have to buy a birthday present for your favorite pop-culture junkie within the next month are in luck.

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  1. Anonymous9:49 PM has a four disc Best of the Match Game DVD set listed for $31.49 with a release date of November 21, 2006. Get your pre-orders in.

    EDIT: has it for $19.05 with free shipping and has it for $19.74 + shipping.

    DDD has also four special features listed: 1. A Tribute to Gene Rayburn, 2. Best Moments of the Match Game, 3. The Original Pilot from 1962 and 4. An interview with Brett Somers.