Monday, January 21, 2008

Another brick in the wall...

Who doesn't like Tetris? People who suck at it, that's who.

My wife and I, back in the days of spare time before children, used to wage Tetris war till the wee hours of the night, cursing at each other complimenting on each other's skills. Sometimes a little Tetris makes your day better.

With that in mind, here's a variety of Tetrisness:

Japanese Tetris comedy sketch

I wish I spoke Japanese, but even with the language barrier, I found myself chuckling at this clip, especially toward the end.

Human Tetris

I think when they get a big enough auditorium, they'll do Doom.

Marching band Tetris

Sure, there are other video games in there, but there is Tetris. So there.

Human Tetris II

I love Japanese TV. How else would you see something like this?

And because bikinis make everything better:

Clearly, they've missed the opportunity to rename that game more appropriately given its participants...

God bless the Japanese again. This has nothing to do with Tetris, but you gotta love a country that has a game show with this as its goal:

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