Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A question for the ages

Seriously, what does "Yah Mo B There" mean?

Thanks to pal Jen at work for getting the song stuck in my head. To be fair, it was sorta in retaliation for this:


  1. According to the liner notes on Michael McDonald's greatest hits, the original title and chorus was "Yahweh be there," but they felt that the explicitly religious theme would affect its hit potential so they changed it to "Yah Mo" and let the listeners interpret the meaning for themselves.

    Thank you and your welcome.

  2. I give a WTF vote to the McD's thing, yikes.

    As far as Michael McDonald goes, why is the last word of every line of every song the only understandable one? He obviously keeps a mouthful of marshmallows in his gate when he's singing. Most annoying thing EVER.