Wednesday, May 28, 2008

At first I was like ???, but then I LOL'd

Saw this on a pole at Second and Mission today on our way to the BART station:

Now we just need to find the walrus' bukket.

Pardon my crap photography skills; I took it with my phone while trying not to look stupid. It says "LOLCAT | Responds to CHEEZBURGER | Please to call | 515-862-1000."

OK, so what does that mean? I enlisted the help of the crack Siftin' Research Squad (I looked it up on Google).

It's a promotion for Drown Radio's album, Me Geek Pretty One Day.

Well played, sir.

I think I might just check it out. For 8 bucks, you get "nerdcore hip hop songs with 8-bit instrumentals, electro-pop, and sexy r & b." How can I resist?

As clever as the sign was, that's the second most interesting animal-related sign I've seen. It's going to take a hell of a lot to top No. 1:

I didn't say it was funny...