Friday, January 09, 2009

Bob Wilkins, R.I.P.

Daryl stopped in mid-sentence and gave me a look.

"Dude, stand right there. Don't move." He raised his camera and snapped a picture. "Okay, got it."

I had been lamenting the fact that I was to shy to ask former Creature Features host Bob Wilkins if I could take a picture with him when I stuttered hello at his table at WonderCon. Luckily, as we were hanging out outside, Mr. Wilkins happened to be walking right past, so Daryl snapped the shot for me.

Though I didn't get to watch the show that Bob (and later, John Stanley) hosted on a regular basis since it was difficult tricking my parents into letting me stay up real late to watch it, I saw it often enough for my taste in movies to be forever warped.

Several years ago, the day the picture was taken, I talked to Mssrs. Wilkins and Stanley and told them that I wasn't sure if I should thank them or blame them for getting me hooked on these movies.

I know I've told this story before, but it seemed relevant, as Bob lost his battle with Alzheimer's disease this week. He was 76. I have tapes of some of the old shows -- my brother bought them from Bob one year I couldn't make it to WonderCon -- so I'll probably pop them in the old VCR this weekend.