Saturday, November 05, 2005

"Eighty-eight miles per hour!"

Today is a special day; an anniversary worth celebrating.

It was 50 years ago today that Dr. Emmett L. Brown was inspired to create the flux capacitor, which, as we all know, is what makes time travel possible.

So to you, Doc Brown, we tip our hats.

Other fun Nov. 5 facts, courtesy of If she were still alive, Natalie "Lovey Howell" Schafer would be 105 today.

A lot of musicians have a birthday today: Ike Turner turns 74, Art Garfunkel is 64, Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits is 58. Strangely, Bryan Adams and Ryan Adams both celebrate their birthdays today. Bryan Adams is 46, and Ryan ("I'm not Bryan Adams") Adams turns 31.

And because there's always a Star Trek connection, today is Armin (Quark from "Deep Space Nine) Shimerman's birthday.

Woo-hoo! Birthday candles all around.

I swear, you could waste hours playing around with the "On This Day" function at IMDB. Plug in your birthday and see who you share a special day with.

For example, I have the same birthday as Ryan ("I'm still not Bryan Adams, and I'm getting really tired of smart-ass people making jokes all the time, especially when it leads to an entirely too long parenthetical note") Adams. What are the odds?


  1. Ah, good old Emmet L. Brown! I became good friends with him while working at Universal at the Cinemagic show every day. LOL

    My birthday isn't that exciting. It's today. Sally Field an Rebecca Rojmin. whoopee!

    Happy Birthday, Jeff!

  2. Man, you got to hang out with all the cool people. Meh.

    Happy birthday right back at you. And you also share it with Ethan Hawke and Pebbles (not Flintstone, the one who sang "Mercedes Boy").

    I'm jealous.

  3. Happy belated birthday.

  4. Is it too late to say it? Happy Birthday Jeff!