Saturday, March 25, 2006

Sorry, ladies, he's taken

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Y'know, I was almost going to let this one go without comment.

For some reason, they were selling tiny stockings in the gumball machines at the store when we were kids. I don't think that was the main draw -- we were probably trying to get one of those giant sticky things that it's fun to smack people with.

At first we were bummed out with our purchase. I mean, what can you do with a tiny stocking?

"I bet you can't fit it over your head," I said to my brother, Josh.

No sooner said than done. The fun part came when he tried to take it off -- and couldn't.

We just had to save this one for posterity.

Now, I don't know what's funnier -- the twin runs in the stocking that line up with his front teeth or his Bear Whiz Beer shirt.


  1. I dunno, I'm kind of partial to the horizontal ear. The whole package is really quite fabulous, though.

    And to think that my little brother and I just hit each other a lot as kids, we could have been having real fun like this.

  2. thanks for another reason i question- why do i sleep with this guy? :)

  3. This picture is bound to end up in millions of MySpace comment boxes. Josh is finally famous.

  4. Y'know, I never noticed his ear. Now he kinda looks like a Mr. Potato Head gone horrible awry.

    Or more so.