Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Holy shirt!

Have I mentioned how cool my wife is?

"Oh, I got you something," she said casually one day when I was kinda bummed out.

She could've just told me to wait for it to arrive, but she knows that I can guess just about any gift, even without any clues. So she showed me a picture.

When I was going through pictures, I saw 3-year-old me wearing a shirt with a picture of Darth Vader. On it, it said "Darth Vadar Lives." Since it was spelled wrong, I assumed it was a bootleg shirt or something. Apparently not.

So Jen found a place that carries old store stock T-shirt transfers and got me an adult-sized version of my old shirt.

Through the magic of the Siftin' Temporal Studies department, my younger self and I are modeling our respective shirts.

So in case I haven't mentioned it, yes, my wife is quite cool. Why she hangs around me, I don't know.


  1. Your wife rocked pre-shirt, but she outrocked herself with that one.

  2. I have to say that I totally thought that was you AND BRODY, but it didn't quite look right! LOL WTG, Jen! (I actually bought Sean a Darth VADER today. oh, and I ordered this earlier (not sure if it's more for Sean or dh).
    I think you need one! :D



    And of course, your wife rocks!!