Thursday, June 01, 2006

Next on Sci-Fi: New Zoo Revue

As seen here, the Sci-Fi Channel is now adding Extreme Championship Wrestling to their lineup.

Apparently, says the Sci-Fi prez, "Research tells us that there's a healthy appetite for wrestling among Sci Fi viewers."

I'm sure there's also a healthy appetite for all kinds of things, such as bikini models, puppy dogs and pants that don't tent out embarrasingly in the zipper region.

However, if you have a channel called the "Sci-Fi Channel," you might want to stick with things that are even tangentially science fiction.

I'm just saying.

I've been known to check out wrestling from time to time; I have nothing against it. I miss the old days of Hulkamania, when Hulk Hogan punctuated every sentence with a hearty "brother!" I still do this from time to time, brother!

But what's the point of niche networks if you stray out of the niche you staked for yourself (often to the point of excluding others from showing certain programs)?

That would be like an all-music-video channel suddenly showing cartoons and game shows.

Oh, wait.

This, of course, follows reruns of "Saved by the Bell" being shown on Cartoon Network, so in the coming months I'm sure we'll see some of the following:

Motorsports on Lifetime -- Because research indicates that women drive cars.

Reruns of "Vega$" on GSN -- Because they play games in Las Vegas.

Reruns of "Jackass" on C-SPAN.

If you have vast libraries of science-fiction television programming at your disposal and the best you can come up with is wrestling (I'm not even getting into the Sci-Fi Original Movies), then you have serious problems, brother!

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  1. Maybe the wrestlers will dress up as different Sci-Fi characters.

    This week on Sci-Fi Death-Match: Mr Spock vs Chewbaca


    in their special group matches the Ewoks vs. the Droids