Thursday, August 17, 2006

Here we are now -- entertain us

A little while back, I bought a ukulele at Cost Plus. I'd been wanting to noodle around with one for a little while; I really like the sound.

Plus, I figured I could learn to play "Ram On" (or "Grandma" if you are my son) by Paul McCartney.

The only drawback thus far is that the nylon strings are murder to keep tuned. I keep meaning to pick up some metal strings, but I keep forgetting.

But after seeing the following YouTube clip on Ask Metafilter, I'm inspired to take the uke off the shelf and really learn how to play it.


  1. That video is rockin'. ROCKIN'!

  2. Yes, but have you seen *this*?

    Kurt Cobain is probably turning in his grave right now.