Saturday, August 19, 2006

I was just kidding...

I was going through a box of clips from when I used to write a humor column at the paper where I used to work.

One column was full of gag ideas for TV shows. Not surprisingly, I came up with the titles first on most of them (Nun of the Above, Jake and the Batman).

But one caught my eye:

The Lighthouse

In this "Smallville"-inspired outing, we see the teen years of Aquaman. As teenager Arthur Curry, he is unuaware of his legacy -- the throne of Atlantis. In what foreshadows his career in "The Superfriends," he does a lot of stuff wrong, is generally useless and always has to bum rides off the other kids in school.

Keep in mind that this was printed in March of 2002.

Little did I think they'd actually do it.

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