Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wild about Harry

I'm wearing my Chewbacca T-shirt in honor of my son, Harry, who would have turned 2 today.

Chances are you never got to meet him; we barely did ourselves. But I admired both his tendency to get hungry exactly a half-hour before it was time to eat and his luxurious mane of hair.

Really. He didn't have just a good amount of hair; he had a mop of Charles Ingallsian proportions.

I still think about him every day, and every now and then I wonder if he's messing with me, whether it's a butterfly dive-bombing me just as I walk out the door or the number on my McDonald's receipt being his birthday.

I'll get back to the off-color jokes and pop-culture memories later. Until then, raise a glass, mug or paper-bag-wrapped bottle (depending how your day is going) and toast my favorite Wookiee.


  1. What a wonderful little tribute to your angel. I'm sure Harry is having a grand old time messing with dad.... relish it. Happy Birthday (a few hours late) to Harry.

  2. We all miss that adorable little Wookiee. He's never far from my mind and I say this with every bit of honesty in me, he taught me a hell of a lot about enjoying my kids for every second they are with me.

    Cheers to all the Sparkmans, some of my favorite people on earth and beyond.

  3. Thinking of all of you during this time of year, Jeff!

  4. *Raises a glass and toasts the most adorable Wookiee.*