Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Watch Horror Movies...Keep America Strong!

Today is Bob Wilkins' birthday. For years, he hosted "Creature Features," a showcase for bad movies, before turning the reins over to John Stanley in 1979.

On "Creature Features," not only could you discover great bad movies in the days before everyone had a VCR, but he also interviewed many important figures in science fiction and horror.

Despite being just a bit past my fourth birthday when Bob stopped hosting the show, I still have memories of watching on the rare occasions that I stayed up really late. To be honest, I'm not sure exactly how this worked, as my parents weren't in the habit of letting me stay up till all hours of the night. I can only presume that they were watching it and I came out to ask for a glass of water or something.

I met Bob (and John Stanley) at WonderCon a few years back. I told them that they were responsible for my addiction to bad movies. I added that I didn't know if I should thank them or blame them.

And one year that I couldn't go, I had my brother pick up the Best of Bob Wilkins tapes, which are now available on DVD, and I highly recommend them.

I wasn't able to attend the two tribute shows thrown last month (and hosted by Mr. Lobo) to benefit Alzheimer's research (curse my work schedule), but it looks like they were a lot of fun.

Here are two YouTube clips that show you a bit of what's on the DVD.

Here's a picture one of my friends snapped at WonderCon the first time I saw Bob. I kept grousing that I wished I could've gotten my picture taken with him, but I didn't want to hassle him, because I'm really shy.

Outside for a quick break, my friend told me to look at the camera. He took a quick shot while Bob was walking by, so I got my picture. A bit chicken on my part, I admit, but now I'm glad I've got this picture.

Happy birthday, Bob!


  1. Dave Parker1:35 PM

    That's pretty cool, you should have said hi though! I remember watching his show, in B&W, late at night in my room. This was broadcast days, no cable.

  2. Hi Jeff, I hope you have a chance to check out my blog Too bad, you didn't get a picture with Bob. He is very friendly and would have oblige. I attended the tribute in Sacramento for what is Bob's very last public appearance. I even was able to get my picture taken with him.