Sunday, April 22, 2007

You say it's your Earth's my Earth Day too, yeah

Ah, Earth Day once again.

I've been up to my myopic eyeballs in other non-Siftin' stuff, so I haven't had as much time to devote to the ol' blog. Apologies to the three of you out there.

In honor of Earth Day, I'm continuing the tradition I began last year of recycling some posts you might have missed or were just so good you should read them over and over, commit them to memory and perhaps tattoo them on the body part of your choice (don't forget to send the pictures...)

This year's crop:

A commercial for Ball Buster, the best game commercial ever.

A look at one of my favorite cookbooks

Some thoughts about sports mascots

More Wonder Twins madness

Some dumb things I have done

and if you're really into the whole recycling thing, here's last year's Earth Day entry.

You organic product aficianados can get your official organic cotton Siftin' T-shirt here.

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