Thursday, January 31, 2008

Herd mentality

Growing up, I'd see cows and other livestock out in fields, and sometimes they'd have those nutty locator tag earrings that the cool cows wear.

I always thought that was kind of a bummer to always have to have it with them. This, of course, was ignoring the whole "becoming food and clothing" that they also had to look forward to.

I'm a detail person.

I was glad that, not being a cow, I didn't have to deal with such foolishness. I was a person, and I could go where I wanted, right?

So the other day while walking from the BART station to work, I noticed that many of my fellow working slobs shared something in common:

We all had ID badges dangling from various articles of clothing.

So really, the cows are a step ahead (aside from the aforementioned food and clothing thing) of me, because they don't have to ask for a temporary badge and worry about looking like an absent-minded schmuck if they leave it at home.

So next time you see a tagged cow, don't feel so smug.

Word to your udder.


  1. DreamrKate6:32 PM

    Jeff, I LOVE this!
    Are we just always the black pots calling the lemmings nuts or what?

    Of course I rather like those little red earrings. They're very trendy and look much better than badges ANY day.

  2. I have to admit that I have worn my badge for hour both before and after work. It is just convenient to leave it on rather than risk leaving it somewhere.

    I can't wait until companies start using biometrics or some sort of RFID that can be kept in a wallet. Perhaps then we can hold our heads high when walking past a herd of cows!