Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What can I say, I'm easily amused...

I am a sucker for funny pictures. I've been known to laugh myself to tears over some, which in retrospect, really weren't that funny.

Here is an assortment of pictures I came across recently that made me chuckle:

Still not as funny as the first time I saw it, but the classics never go out of style.
Explain this joke to a ginger.
This is a grab from the video before KTVU yanked it from their site. Extra funny because when I make a skater on the Tony Hawk game's, I play as Tony's imaginary brother Mike. Moving on...
Mr. T with a sombrero. How can you go wrong?
My brother. I can't wait to show this to his kids.
I giggle every time I see this.
Just. Wow.
Always preaching the merits of safe sex...

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