Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leap Day! Oh, boy!

Technically, it's not until tomorrow, but since I post so late at night, it's usually the next day by the time anyone sees it, so...

Another February 29th. Wow. Um...

Let's see. Historically, Superman's birthday is said to be on this day.

But since we're talking about leaps, I thought I'd be original and talk about one of my favorite shows, Parker Lewis Can't Lose.

Just kidding.

Next year will mark the 20th anniversary of Quantum Leap's premiere, which makes me feel pretty damn old.

I liked the show a lot, even though it was a crapshoot just trying to find what day it was on at any given point during the season. I've always been interested in time travel, so I'm a sucker for a TV based around it.

Except it wasn't really a hard sci-fi show; aside from the premise of a guy going back in time to fix things that had gone wrong, it was a pretty normal drama.

By the last season, things went "a little caca," and Dr. Sam Beckett found himself inhabiting the bodies of famous people, something we'd been assured up to that point, wouldn't happen. But ratings being the factor they are, it wouldn't have surprised me to see him leap into space or something.

The last episode is one of my favorites, because it doesn't wrap everything up with a happy anding and a nice little bow. At least, not for everyone.

Al's Place has more QL information than you can shake a stick at, and I've been known to just hang out there and read, wondering what could've been.

Not surprisingly, The Sci-Fi Channel has again dropped the ball; according to their schedule, you can expect to watch a metric buttload of Stargate shows, even though Leap Day would make sense to show Quantum Leap. But I also see that there's an episode of Chuck that day, too.

Seriously, Sci-Fi, what the hell?

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