Monday, February 25, 2008

Photographic evidence from WonderCon

As promised, here are some pictures from WonderCon.

For some odd reason, they call us The Twins at work. Go figure.
Me and Karyne outside Moscone Center South, waiting in line to get in.

This line, which wrapped around the side of the building, was for the people who already had tickets and needed to sign in. It was only drizzly at this point, thankfully.

Gumby and Portly
Here's Karyne with two guys who had my favorite costumes at the convention. There were really a lot of displays of cleavage costumes to be found on the showroom floor.

Some assembly required.

You got used to all the costumes after a while, unless you went outside the convention center to get lunch, and then it was a bit jarring to be behind Black Canary in line to get a steak sandwich.

One of the cool things about having so many people in costume was that when they stopped to talk to each other, it looked like they were just co-workers chatting around the watercooler.

Lumbergh *should* be Loki...

And here's a teeny bit of video. It was hard finding footage of Anne Hathaway where she wasn't distracted by my awesomeness, so be gentle.

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