Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day of discovery

Some days, you just learn things whether you're trying or not. Today, for example, I learned:

It's "Take a load off, Fanny," not "Take a load off, Annie."

Guinness really is pretty filling; two even moreso.

I'm glad there was finally a new episode of The Office.

And I must be a giant dork, because I laughed way too hard at this picture, which I found on this blog:

Even funnier than putting up P-tags on the restroom doors.

What did you learn today?


  1. I hear ya on The Office episode. Problem is that I watched the baseball game last night (yes, that trumps everything), and it was too late to watch The Office episode that was recorded. Now I have to wait all day to see it because certain shows have a rule that Scott and I must wait for the other one to watch it together. Pathetically enough, Antiques Roadshow is also one of those that fall under the rule.

    Wow, all that was unnecessarily long.

  2. I've learning nothing today. However, a little too recently, I learned that Elton John sings, "Hold me closer tiny dancer," rather than "Hold me closer, Tony Danza.' Serious.

  3. I didn't learn a darned thing today. How pathetic is that?