Wednesday, April 02, 2008

In case you have an hour or so to kill

I'm always checking on Hulu to see what's been added, and much to my surprise, there's a bad movie there!

And because I'm that lazy helpful, I'm just embedding the thing right here.

It's called Cutting Class. I'd be willing to bet the only reason this thing has been added to the lineup is because Brad Pitt is in it before, you know, he was Brad Pitt.

That said, he's not horrible in this; I mean, he does what he can with what he's got. Martin Mull, who I love, plays the lead girl's father, and there's a running gag that involves him getting injury upon injury. Alas, it's really not funny, and it just doesn't seem to fit.

Still, if you, like me, are a fan of cheesy horror movies, you could definitely do worse. Give it a shot. It is rated TV-MA, on account of language, gore, and, if memory serves, a boobie or two. You've been warned.

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