Saturday, May 03, 2008

At the movies

Something I had yet to do with my son was to go see a movie at the theater. Part of my reluctance was his propensity to act as a living commentary track, and part of it was the unpredictable nature of taking an almost 5-year-old to see a movie and expect him to sit still and be quiet.

My mom had already taken him, and she said he did fine, but Brody tends to be on his best behavior with anyone who isn't me or my wife, so I wasn't sure.

But I decided to take him tonight, and he did great. He's been watching Return of the Jedi a lot of late, at his request, and I thought Iron Man might be something he's interested in as well.

I know it's rated PG-13, but he's handled all the Star Wars movies, Superman movies, etc., so I figured he'd be all right.

We had to kill time at the mall since the show we were going to catch was sold out, and I was worried that this would make him cranky when it was time to watch the movie, but I worried for nothing.

I think my favorite part was before the movie, when we saw the trailer for Speed Racer. I thought it might get Brody's attention since he's a big car nut. After it was over, he whispered to me:



"I want to see Speed Racer."

So we might have plans for next weekend as well. As for the movie itself, he did fine. He only asked one question, "Where's Tony?" and he was eerily quiet for the remainder of the movie, which, by the way, was awesome.

Of course, he did fall asleep after the first half, but I was impressed with how well he behaved while he was awake. I guess I tend to worry too much about him sometimes instead of just trusting him.

I think this is the start of a father-son tradition: the Saturday movie.

And since he doesn't like candy or popcorn, it's a little bit cheaper. Score!