Sunday, May 04, 2008

That would be a great name for a band...

I think I came up with at least a half-dozen names for a band every week during my scholastic career, judging from the margins in my notes.

Undead Leather, Temporary Irregularity, The Traveling Dingleberries, all of these were possibilities should I develop talent and start up a band.

The thing is, I still think of names that would make for some pretty kickass album covers. I try to write them down if possible, since my short-term memory is so bad.

Plus, my short-term memory is pretty bad.

Just the other day, I thought Pubic Zirconium would be a good name for a band. And that got me to thinking about real bands with genuinely unusual names, as chronicled in The Canonical List of Weird Band Names, which is always good for a laugh as long as you don't have the font size too big on your browser at work.

Seriously, folks. When Roid Rogers and the Whirling Butt Cherries is one of the better names that someone might see rolling across your screen, you might want to use a little discretion.