Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday night freakout

I stumbled across this today. Back in the early days of VCRs, we must have rented every Disney title on the market. Not just The Parent Trap or Alice in Wonderland. I'm talking Snowball Express, Condorman, and The Black Hole.

This movie weirded me out a little as a kid; it was awfully dark for a Disney movie (aside from the black hole, which for some reason was red). And I was fine throughout the bulk of the movie, but it was the ending that got me. I could never tell exactly what was going on.

Even now, I'm a little fuzzy on what is happening. You watch the ending here, and you tell me what happened. The bad guy goes to hell, but the good guys in the spaceship are led by an angel through Heaven and out into open space?