Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In retrospect, not as cool as I thought

Back in the dim, dark recesses of time (the 80s), my brother and I had secured our very own Castle Grayskull from the Masters of the Universe Collection.

We used it with the few He-Man figures we had, as well as our Super Powers figures. It was one of the coolest toys we had, bragging-wise.

And then Mattel released the evil equivalent of Castle Grayskull: Snake Mountain. Not only was this Skeletor's bad-ass hideout, but it had a microphone that supposedly made you sound evil as well.

Okay, so that picture doesn't really scream "badass," but still...the catalog clearly states that the microphone will change your natural voice into "a frightening voice of evil!"

The folks taking pics for Montgomery Wards' '84 Christmas catalog further belittled Snake Mountain by including Fisto (still loving that name) tooling around in a Dragon Walker.

I mean, seriously--how evil can your lair be if Fisto is hanging out front?