Friday, October 07, 2005

Making money where in your what?

While flipping through channels the other day, I caught part of an infomercial called (taking deep breath) "Making Money Quick and Easy at Your Kitchen Table in Your Underwear."

Apparently, it's to promote this program from I-guess-I'm-supposed-to-know-who-he-is-rich-guy Jeff Paul.

I didn't watch after I heard the name, but I looked up the Web site to find the name (which is different, depending on where you look) and I saw that there's a link called "Jeff Paul Exposed," which is perhaps a bad idea when promoting something that refers to working in your skivvies.

Just a thought.


  1. I was cruising through blogs and stopped at your's because I noticed you are from my hometown. Which, incidentally, is a thorn in my side now when I tell people here in the midwest where I'm from. I used to proudly say that I grew up in Modesto and attended the same school that George Lucas once did and I'd proudly say, "Haven't you ever seen 'American Graffitti'? That was filmed in my home town!' Anyway, now when I mention I'm from Modesto I get the same response from everyone, "Did you know Scott Peterson?" So sad!

  2. LOL, Now I've got that Bare Naked Ladies song in my head where he said, "I'll just hide out under there... I just made you say Underwear"


  3. It's my goal to become famous (in a good way) while I still live in Modesto so that instead of asking about Scott Peterson or Chandra Levy, they'll say, "Hey, Modesto, isn't that where that cool Sparkman guy lives? I wish I was as cool as him!"

    Or words to that effect.

    And I think it's lame that in Modesto, where American Graffiti took place (though sadly no filming here), there isn't a Mel's Diner anymore.

    They have the best fries.

    Aw, great. Now I'm hungry.