Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Roam if you want to

I read this morning that TV personality Nipsey Russell had died.

Nipsey, by the way, is one more baby name idea of mine that got shot down.

My exposure to Nipsey came primarily from watching him on the panel on "Match Game." The last thing I remember seeing him in was the Goldie Hawn comedy "Wildcats," in which he played a high school principal.

He seemed like an awfully nice guy; how could you not like someone who had the mad rhyming skills he did?

Years ago, I read one of those compilations of misheard song lyrics. Someone, somehow, heard this lyric from the B-52s song "Roam" -- "Roam if you want to" -- as "Whoa, Nipsey Russell."

So now, that's all I hear when that song comes on. Now you will, too.

I also learned from the ever-interesting Mark Evanier that Hamilton Camp died as well. It was only a week or so ago I mentioned that he was in two of the shortest-lived shows on television.

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  1. AGH! That was evil. All unsuspecting random blog reading and within two entries I was assaulted with 'Shells and White Cheddar' and 'Whoa Nipsey Russel'.