Monday, January 09, 2006

But they won't fall down

One of the things my son got for Christmas was Weebles Weebly Wobbly Tree House, which he enjoys quite a bit.

I try to be enthusiastic about it, but in the back of my mind, all I hear is "Those aren't Weebles!"

Let's look at what passes for Weebles these days.

And here's a Weeble from the days they were made of stone (Thank you, Google image search).

And even better, here's an inflatable Weeble from the Siftin' Toy Archive. Now that's a Weeble. I hear his older brother had a small role in "Airplane."

And to clarify, the inflatable Weeble and I are just friends. That's all. Perverts.

I have a similar problem with the Fisher-Price Little People. Compare:

Now, I realize that the old ones pose a choking hazard (anything that fits through a toilet paper tube, as I recall), but I like the way the old ones look better. The new ones look like the Campbell's Soup Kids.

My favorite was the dog, but I also thought the blonde lady was kinda cute. Those eyes...

In storage, I've got some of the Little People Playsets (including the REAL farm), but we'll have to wait till Brody's a little older before I he can play with them.


  1. That's funny, I got my son the same weeble wobble thing for christmas and was complaining to my wife that they changed them from when I was a kid.

  2. Those are not Weebles, another nail in the coffin that was my childhood.

  3. Oh the flashbacks! My son has the new sets too. We got him a sit-n-spin for Christmas and it's just horrible! What happened to the ginormous yellow contraption that did spin mega-fast and you could fit three skinny kids on there (two chubby) age 7 or younger?

    My two year-old barely fits and the spin on it is pathetic.

    They should do a classic line of toys and bring them out next Christmas. I'd buy em up.

  4. ^hey, another genevieve! I can't believe how different the toys are. I bought my kids a used Sesame Street house from Fisher Price. They love it. I'm so bummed we got rid of my old toys, cuz I HAD THAT! *sigh*