Friday, March 14, 2008

And the winner is...

I was watching an old tape a bit ago, and after the last program (a Looney Tunes special), I let the tape keep going.

I ended up watching the last half of the American Music Awards from 1986, commercials and all.

It was weird seeing the stars they pointed out in the audience. Mr. Mister, Michael Jackson, and Julian Lennon, among others. Prince and Bruce Springsteen weren't there to accept their awards.

And at the end, everyone rushed the stage to sing "We Are the World."

Jeez, Whitney Houston looked so young then...

My favorite part was when the crowd kept applauding Stevie Wonder when we won an award, he jokingly told everyone "Shut up!"

When Brody gets a little older, I'll have to dig this out so he can watch it and wonder what the hell people were thinking with their wardrobe choices.

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