Saturday, December 13, 2008

On the first day of Christmas...


This comes from the 1985 Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog. The ad itself reflects the second wave of figures in the Super Powers Collection, one of my all-time favorite toy sets.

What struck me as odd looking at it now is that not only is the Darkseid Destroyer (the spaceship in the top right) missing pieces, such as the flight pods that went on each wing, and the guns that are supposed to be on the front, but since Darkseid is standing on the rock below the ship's wing, who is it in the cockpit?

It's Hobgoblin, a villain from the Marvel Secret Wars Collection, not even part of the same toy line.

I picked up my own Darkseid Destroyer a few years back and finally broke down and assembled it in the early days of the blog here.

While the toy line was still going, anything my brother and I didn't have would surely be at the top of our Christmas wish lists. One particular figure from the line eluded us, and it remains on my own wish list out of principle: Cyborg.

Hope springs eternal, though.