Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Halloween is only a month away, and Jen and I are trying to figure out what Brody should dress up as.

More accurately, I'm looking for something I like that I can talk her into.

Fortunately, as Brody is becoming a rugged he-man, she's not pushing for the cute little pea pod costume. Last year he was a puppy, complete with cute-but-mildly-disturbing dog head/hood.

Much to my surprise, he didn't rip the hood off. He wasn't big on things covering his head then. Now, everything's a hat.

Brody plops a shoe on my head.

"Hat! H!"

The H is because Mr. Man wants to know that I know that he knows his alphabet. As if I could forget. Instead of regular 2-year-old babble, I get to hear "ABCDEFG," etc., all day long.

Not that much of a complaint, really; I mean, he's 2 and he knows the alphabet already. He should be teaching his uncle.

So back to the whole costume thing.

I saw a nifty Batman costume at Target that looked like it would fit him. For his first Halloween, I thought this Spider-Man costume would be cool, but I knew he wouldn't wear the mask. I'm pretty sure they Photoshopped the mask on the kid in the picture.

I don't think it's the right size, but how cool/bizarre is this?

I didn't see this one at the store, but I'd be surprised if there's a kid dragging his parents to the Halloween costumes bellowing "I wanna be Thor!" This one is equally obscure (maybe less, thanks to the Justice League Unlimited cartoon), but at least it's not Thor.

And speaking of odd Halloween costumes, you have to check this out. Just for the Rubik's Cube costume alone.

Target's Web site has some interesting names for the costumes. As if Batman and Robin haven't endured enough gender-related pondering, here's the costume they offer for Batman's sidekick. Robyn? What's this hero's secret identity? Ann Drogynous?

Obviously, they haven't been forced had the privilege of watching The Wiggles. Unless Sword is his last name...

And I'm sorry, but this is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

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